Art Program

The Esteem Hospice art program provides an opportunity for participants to explore their creative abilities. Beginning in April of 2012, the concept of the art program started with the owner, Gary Merchant, wanting to create new and innovative ways to improve the quality of life for hospice patients and seniors in the community. The official name “Ageless Wonders” was created in May of 2013 and was chosen because it embodies the timeless beauty of art and its ability to last from generation to generation. The Ageless Wonders art program provides an opportunity for participants to put their creative minds to work while exercising the eyes and hands, stimulating the neurological pathways from the brain to the hands, and by giving a voice to those who are not able to express themselves or communicate their inner thoughts and feelings, especially when verbalization is difficult or not possible. Often, many of the finished pieces are treasured for years by participants’ families and friends.  


Below are examples of art pieces produced by patients during our Ageless Wonders art program.

Volunteers Needed for Art Program

Esteem uses volunteers to support our art program. If you or someone you know would be interested in volunteering with our art program, we would love to further discuss this with you. Please simply fill out the form below and someone will contact you in. Regardless of your art skills, you can help. We would greatly appreciate your support.

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